The CPA Network with limitless opportunities

Afftronics offers different performance marketing models

Different verticals, different payment models like CPC, CPL, CPS, CPI, RevShare all at one place.

Affiliate Marketing

Try all possible sources of quality traffic and make yourself a successful affiliate marketer. There are huge opportunities available in affiliate marketing.

Mobile Apps Install

At present, Mobile traffic has crossed the boundaries and opened all new ways to increase mobile intsalls. We’ve many mobile app install campaigns offering good payouts.

Go to Multiple Verticals

Multiple Verticals

Do you have expertise in any specific vertical or niche? Well, now is the time to use your expertise and explore much more opportunities with our other verticals.

24X7 Support

We’re available to help you and provide round the clock support in case you need any help. We listen each small issue from our affiliates and give the best solution in due time.

Affiliate Friendly Network

Whatever be your primary goal in affiliate marketing, we have the solution. We can help you make money on-line by monetizing your website or by promoting our brands. You just get benefit from our experienced affiliate marketing team. Our offer management staff is highly experienced in selecting the offers which are likely to perform better.

To scale up a campaign, real time data tracking lets you filter the right traffic source to optimize your campaigns. we never miss any date. You always get paid on time.


Fully featured dashboard panel, Top level Support

We've made it very simple for you to optimize your campaign using our real time statistics and notification.
The Affiliate network of your choice.

Afftronics is here to provide a platform that works as a bridge between Merchants & Affiliates. The merchant (Advertisers) can take use of our affiliates and grow their sales while affiliates promote them and make money. This is a win-win collaboration between the merchants and affiliates. They grow and cultivate mutually beneficial and prosperous relationships. Since we have little to no barriers to entry to using Afftronics, we have an more or less all size of companies to discover the power of performance marketing. We're also newbie friendly so the new affiliates can also join us and earn as per their potential.

  • See the conversion as it happens.

  • Payment by Cheque,Paypal,Wire

  • 3rd Party Tracking validated.

  • Transparent reports


Promote your business on pay-for-performance model. We'll help you choose the right CPA Goal.

Desktop & Mobile Games

Increase Games Download


eCommerce Branding & Sales

Mobile Apps Install

Increase Mobile Apps Install

Travel Portals

Branding & Sales

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing for Advertisers

Affiliate programs are more or less in favor of advertisers/merchants. This is because your pay for performance and that's why it is called performance marketing. If you, as an advertiser, target the whole market on your own, you will have to keep a huge budget separate for advertising and the revenue generated from it may affect as a huge money is involved into it.

The solution is-Affiliate Marketing. The hidden advantage that makes it favorable to advertiser is that you pay for results only yet, your branding is done if no result is produced. That means your branding is done for zero investment. This is up to the advertiser how they want to pay to the affiliates. in general, there are standard payment models like: PPL (Pay Per Lead), PPS (Pay Per Sale), Revenue-share etc.



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